Fashion Of The Middle East

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Fashion In The Middle East

Fashion as been around since the first anscetors. Fashion is the style of someone a popular trend they enjoy styling. Fashion has made conflict in many eyes.Where as where people discover favorite colors and ideas from. It is always fascinating that people would come up with brilliant ideas and inspirations. Not everyone agree with such ideas in fashion. Public schools are taking over, saying fashion is degrading and distracting, to the pink hair to the show through shirts. It is crazy what these kids are looking up to(Dr. Micheal S.) Fashion one person showing their ideas and expressing theirselves throught their clothes. It is everyone outlet. There should be limits though, such as know one should make someone uncomfortable with their style of dress. Such as, if a man mad at his boss or a co-worker,he would not wear a shirt that says you will regret what you did to me. No, thats not expressing yourselve in the right light. United States need diversity and using it in a reasonable since will show how we are different from everyone else.

All of Middle East have ridiculously dress code for woman, woman are treated like they can not think for themselves. Not everyone think showing our ideas through fashion is a right way to go. Islam philosopher Tariq Ramadan said,” American fashion is degrading a disgrace of their country, they should be highly ashamed of theirselves”(NNCBCC). The Middle East have a strict dress code. Most…

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