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Petite Fashion

In the past one year, when people ask me why fashion design major, I always talk about that I learn art for years and I like fashionable things. But meanwhile, I was yelling in my heart: “I just want to have a pants that fit my leg length!”
I did not want to tell others the truth because I was actually very unconfident and self-contemptuous about my body at that time. Not tall, not skinny.
Yes, I am not a very tall girl, only about 5’2”. And my leg is not long because of heredity, I think. Therefore, it is difficult for me to buy the suitable clothing, especially pants and jeans, also, skirts. They are too long for me, even the XS size or size 0. Usually, the skirt length is to the knee on a model, but to the middle of leg on me; the pants length is to the ankle on a model, but have extra length on me. Sad story.
Therefore, when I do shopping, I always look for petite sized clothing. Sometimes, I even search in children’s category. Some brands merely have a very small size, or even do not have the XS size, like Zara and COS. While I like those styles, but I just cannot buy them. So far, I only met one brands which have the pants length choice, “petite”. Therefore, these difficulties of buying pants and skirts made me do not even want to go shopping.
In fact, petite sized people is not a small group. Beside the height, it is also related to body proportion. For example, if you are 5’7’’, but you have relatively shorter torso or leg, you still need to consider
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