Fashion Photography By Viviane Sassen

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Whenever the term fashion photography is brought up, the first thought that’s triggered is that it’s a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. However just like everything else in modern society, fashion photography has been redefined. It’s not your average branded garments on a model anymore; it’s more about capturing the essence of the brand itself and its personal universe. Viviane Sassen is one of the photographers who built her platform based on minimal focus on fashion, and more on personal experiences which led to her success. Vivian Sassen started her career in the fashion world as a model and shifted to photography. Few years after, she published her fashion work in independent magazines and then escalated to fashion magazines such as Vogue Paris and Wallpaper. Even though her career spiraled, there was always something characteristic about her photographs, often depicting elegant, and abstract forms of bodies and body parts. It was easy to state that Sassen reshaped “a new visual language” in the early 2000s by her usage of strong light and shadow, saturated colors, and extreme, angular poses. According to a publisher, Another Africa, “she spent the early part of her childhood years in Kenya. In 2001, she published her series ‘Cape Flats’…show more content…
Effortless lines and shapes, and quite often of human bodies. However, while arms and legs frame abstract lines, faces play an alternate, more complex part in her work: they are often undetectable. Like the uncommonly shaped arms and legs of her work, there is a story behind Sassen's invisible faces, as well: "At one point, when I was considering photography, I was taking photos for a companion of mine who is a fashion designer. I was taking self-portraits, yet I was not feeling great. I chose to utilize dark ink to make all my skin in the photos pitch dark: my face, my hands my
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