Fashion Store 's Window Factor That Increase Female Interest Towards Displayed Products

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INTRODUCTION Due to today’s competition and similarity of products in the fashion industry, companies use visual merchandising to differentiate their brands (Lanjewar, 2014). Number of studies showed that window displays do increase customers interest towards all displayed products (Yildirim, Baskaya & Hidayetoglu, 2007; Gudonaviciene & Alijosiene, 2015). Window display play the most important factor that attract customers to come in the store (Hefer & Cant, 2013). Several elements should be considered when designing a window display. Those elements are; colour, lighting, signage, and mannequins. The purpose of storefront display is to create an excitement shopping experience and to enhance the store value. That’s why, more research needs…show more content…
Retailer spend excessive investment into the storefront surroundings developed by specialized designers (Yildirim et al, 2007). They are an essential part of a shopper’s surrounding during a female shopping experience and therefore have an impact on buying behavior in retail framework. There are two main principles that window displays should serve: it must identify the store image and products, and to motivate customers to have positive shopping attitudes. Apart from window displays, promotional signage of merchandise may encourage consumers to get into the store. This study will analyze customer’s behavior among promotional signage. RESEARCH QUESTION: How does window display promotional signage increase female interest towards displayed products? THE LIMITATION OR GAPS IN EXISTING LITERATURE: Since most of the study analyzed how window displays have significant impact on customers buying behavior. This qualitative research will help merchandisers in progressing effective ways to promote women purchasing attitude. Even though, the previous researchers studied how window displays has an effect on female consumers, but there are no significant studies have examined the impact of show windows promotional signage on female shopping routine. THE SIGNIFICANCE: Jain et al., (2014), state that “A key goal of a show window is to generate excitement among “window shoppers” and convert them into actual shoppers” (p.2). Therefore, this study will help marketing manager to

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