Fashion Styles In The 1920s

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Different Styles in the 1920s When it comes to fashion, everyone wants to make for sure that they have the latest. From hairstyles to clothes, it is important that some people keep up. In the 1920s, keeping up with “what is new” was important and a must for a lot of people. When you think of the 20s and fashion, you think of flappers, long dresses, short hair cuts or styles and much more. Just like women in the 21st century, being pretty starts with what you have on. There are many people who started many of the styles that made the ordinary woman want to feel like a diva every time she stepped out. The first style that impressed women in the 1920s was the Flapper style. When this was first introduced to women, mainly younger upper-class women, a lot people did not approve it. These women were the ones who was young vibrant, and daring. So what was the exact style of the Flapper woman? In the mid- 20s, the flapper woman would wear clothes that would fit looser then the clothes that women wore in the 19th century, their hemlines on their dresses where a little shorter, they had their arms exposed, and showed a little more of their cleavage. When this change came along, a lot of people; like preachers, a few men, and even the older generation of women, did not approve of how women were changing into this “New Woman”. They spoke on how short hair would bring on women having side effects such as a moustache, baldness, or a life eternal spinster, but later short hair became
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