Fashion Trends And Trends Of Savvy Chic Apparel

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Market research will play a major role in product selection with current fashion trends and future fashion trends. Savvy Chic Apparel will employ an independent market researcher to investigate current and future fashion trends and determine what merchandise, what sizes and quantities are needed. Savvy Chic Apparel will create a value niche for itself based on its combination of high value apparel and accessories and stellar customer service. Savvy Chic Apparel will maintain remarkable customer service, in actuality, it will set them apart from their competitors, which include retail stores such as Banana Republic, Chico’s, Nordstrom Rack, and New York & Company. This exceptional customer service will result in a loyal customer base. Prices will be set by market forces, balancing supply and demand and Savvy Chic Apparel’s financial objectives, in order to optimize output with minimum overage. The prices will be calculated by understanding selling, shipping and inventory costs to get to the break-even point of each item. To earn Savvy Chic Apparel’s customers business and loyalty, they will ensure that its products are ethically manufactured, and shipped (Morrison & Humlen, 2013). There will be four full time employees, one marketing manager, distribution manager, and two sales representatives along with three part time team members. These employees will play an essential role the first year of operations, as they will be the powerhouses that will grow Savvy Chic Apparel

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