Fashion Values In The Fashion Industry

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The current reality of clothing production, called fast fashion, is the industry standard of mass producing luxury styles in a matter of weeks. To do so, clothes are churned out quickly using poor quality materials. This is problematic because of the large amount of unnecessary environmental damage that this business model causes. The fashion industry should abandon the current trend of fast fashion and disposable clothing to decrease the amount of hazardous environmental waste created. The fashion industry should adopt slow fashion values that aim to cut excess consumer waste by changing the current societal norms around fashion buying and clothing disposal. Fast fashion has become the pinnacle of the fashion industry because it is very profitable. Cheap material and cheap overseas labor has made places like Walmart, Zara, and H&M twice as profitable as any retail store (Cline, “The Clothes Make the Movement”, 21). The average American household spends one thousand and seven hundred dollars on apparel every year. One third of the average household expense is claimed by women aged sixteen and older who spend over five hundred dollars on clothing and shoes annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics). That dollar amount translates into an average of sixty-eight items of clothing and seven pairs of shoes per the average American (Cline, “The Clothes Make the Movement”, 21). Cheap textile materials quickly fall apart, lose color and shape, and are replaced by new fashion trends.
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