Fashion Vs Fashion Essay

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Style or Fit Many people like to be comfortable in their clothing now, as well as it has to be the right style or at least current trend. Many people like me I follow a trend and that trend happens to be whatever rappers wear now. I would want to say the piece of clothing that I buy, has to be a functional one as well. Many of us the generation X, are on social media and we’re driven to dress as we like, as long as we’re comfortable with what we are wearing. Returning customers are hard to say, some returns because of pricing, others are because of style, others are because of the craftsmanship. One store that is seemingly a favorite amongst youth is H&M and Forever21, they are cheaper alternative for people who still wants to have some style to them. These stores won’t break the bank, and returns customers are college student looking to still be on budget but also in style. Zara is another store, some college student does buys here, but in general most people that buys clothes here are in there mid 20s and have an establish career. They shop here because of it great style but also having not over costing them like maybe instead of buying a 100 dollars jacket, they could’ve buy it with the same style at Zara. These stores and many other stores have a great returning rate, because of their prices are what people looking for. Consumers now are looking at trends, comparing and contrast between a 100 dollars jeans vs 34 dollars jeans with the same style. Pam and Pat doesn’t
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