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Fashion:On and off the runway?

Fashion: On and Off the Runway
What comes to mind when you think of fashion? Do you picture the latest issue of W Magazine, a runway for “starving Models”?, or is fashion to you less of a privilege and more of a key to acceptance? Dries Van Noten once said “Consider clothing not as an element of social status but more as an expression of one’s personality.” (Jaeger p.54) The fact is, fashion isn’t about putting something on our bodies to cover us up, but a form of expression! Just like a singer singing on a stage to communicate, and a writer voices his opinion in his journal, a Fashionista expresses his/herself by Cloths and Accessories. First of all, the main goal and soul reasoning of a
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On the other hand, in the mental aspect, by using fashion as a way to express one’s inner voice, fashion shapes people’s attitudes and self-esteem. For example when you wear a certain theme you are compelled to act on your emotion that made you want to wear that outfit. Although some would argue that the issues with “skinny models” or provocative, revealing fashion corrupts the self-image of young girls today in defense of designers, I can appreciate the art and feeling that the designer is trying to get across thru the piece. It is also true that In the world of fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out (Beker p.10). As harsh as it may seem, this is none less than a reality to anyone in the fashion business and the industry has no respect for person. To fashion newcomers such as Lady GaGa, Avril Lavigne, and Selena Gomez it is very important that they stay on their toes and keep themselves in the fashion scene.
In concludtion, Fashion may seem like the least of some peoples worries and not of importance to society but in reality it’s what we wear everyday……. So the question is, what are you wearing?

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