Fashion is about Identity

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Hence fashion plays a vital by allowing people to construct, sculpt and express their identities, especially in larger metropolitan cities where they “mingle with crowds of strangers and have only fleeting moments to impress them” (Bennett, 2005, p. 96)Thus, fashion is about identity, about the self and as described by Roche (Roche, 2000, p. 193) “the most talkative of social facts”.

Many other immediate assumptions can be drawn up about an individual through mere observation of dress – which part of the world they may be from, what kind of job they may possess or what their economic position might be. This is mostly because even though designers create fashion it is mostly influenced or rather culturally constructed. Culture is the common social meanings and representations, it is an individuals Values, beliefs, norms so basically how one make sense of the world or lives their life. Fashion also helps sculpt the male and female image, thus determining what is or is not socially acceptable “Fashion and clothing are instrumental in the process of socialization into sexual and gender roles” (Barnard, 1996, p. 111). Culture and gender are two significantly emphasized…
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