Fast Casual, Cheap, And Superb Quality

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What do we crave to eat? This question has bounteous different answers; however a few that anybody would agree on are: something fast, cheap, and superb quality. This is the market that fast casual has been dominating over the years, and a market that seems to be on the rise for the foreseeable future. Whether it is a concept created by an unknown player in the industry, or a Michelin Star chef, the fast casual concept’s rising popularity is still at the beginning of its revolution. History shows that the concept of fast casual dining is not unfamiliar. According to Erin DeJesus of “The expansion-happy Wolfgang Puck launched his chain Wolfgang Puck Express back in 1991, before the term "fast-casual" had even entered the culinary lexicon.” It is believed to be a movement that started as people demanded higher quality food, faster, and at a cheaper price point. One of the “founding fathers” of the fast casual movement is Steve Ells’ Chipotle. When he launched his concept in 1993, not even Ells knew that he had just started a revolution in the food industry. Although it took him years to develop the brand into the powerhouse it is today, in the early 2000’s, the popularity of the fast casual dining concept took off, and has been trending up ever since. Fast casual dining has been extremely successful due to the concept’s ability to meet all the needs of different age groups, especially the Millennials. As the concept continues to draw in extra consumers

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