Fast Casual Restaurant As A Fast Food Restaurant

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Assignment 3
Fast-Casual Restaurants in Ukraine

Student: Diana Hyrya
Instructor: Raef Assaf, DBA

BU 536 - Global Strategy and Management

Newport Beach Winter – 2016

Many US consumers want their meals in a hurry, but with more service and higher quality food than in traditional fast food restaurant. The result has been the rise of fast-casual restaurant chains such as Daphne 's Greek Cafe, Boston Market and Panera Bread. The intent of fast casual restaurants is to deliver a quality home cooked meal such as roast chicken, or fresh salad and bread in comfortable setting and quickly. Many consider concept of fast casual to be a major restaurant niche that will be as important as fast food, and perhaps even surpass it in the
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Additionally, some people live and work in the small towns where fast casual restaurants have not yet established and there actually the demand is very small for such restaurants because people live not far from work and just go home during lunch break. Ukraine people also state that eating casual or fast foods daily is not healthy since most of the meals in the restaurants are deep fried and can be a problem to your health if daily consumed (Yunus, Zulkeflee, Razak, & Ilias, 2013). Now about position of Fast Casual restaurants compare to Fast Food restaurants. A fast-casual restaurant is a new concept in the restaurant industry. It combines concepts from the fast-food and full-service casual dining restaurants. Some famous fast-casual restaurants include Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), Panera Bread (PNRA), Noodles & Company (NDLS), Potbelly Sandwich Works (PBPB), and Subway.
Several restaurants are focusing on changing their restaurants’ images by remodeling their existing stores. Burger King (BKW), for example, has a goal to remodel about 40% of its U.S. and Canadian market restaurants by the end of 2015. According to the company, its already re-imaged stores have boosted sales by 10% to 15%
Reports suggest that this service can be started in Ukraine, and some companies such as McD, already started and getting good responses. In Ukraine, as elsewhere, McDonald 's is shaping the public 's standard for quality and service and setting an
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