Fast Fashion, And The Corporate Globalization Essay

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Globalization is changing the way we look at the world, and our connections to one another; we have become global citizens but in the process created divisions in the race of humanity. Fast fashion, and the corporate globalization; are aiding in causing the biggest divisions between people. With the growing demand of cheap and affordable fashion is constantly on the climbing causing producers to find more cost efficient, and faster ways to produce their clothing. Developed countries are don’t seem to mind the conditions that their clothing is made in as long as it is readily available at all times, and cheap. In the developed world we exploit the laws of the under developed countries and find ways to exploit them even further to benefit us in the best ways possible, for example; Bangladesh is the second largest clothing exporter in the world behind China, but Bangladesh has the lowest monthly minimum wage for garment factory workers. The Canadian government to keep its local companies competitive in the fashion industry, dropped the importing duties from Bangladesh, which in turn almost forced Canadian companies to relocate their factories to Bangladesh where labour was much cheaper allowing them to gain a higher profit, while still keeping the price of their garments competitive in the clothing market. The horrifying details of fast fashion were exposed to many citizens of the developed when the Rana Plaza came crashing down and thousands of Bengali garment workers were

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