Fast Fashion Industry: Growth of Zara and Inditex Essay

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Fast fashion
Fast fashion is merely more than a one hit wonder. The fast fashion industry has grown and has ultimately proven itself to be profitable industry in the clothing market. The retailer most distinguished for a fast fashion approach is Zara (Hayes & Jones, 2006). Zara is a child company of the parent company Inditex. Zara stores have established the stride for merchants around the globe in creating and shipping fashionable clothing (“Case 3-4. Continued Growth for Zara and Inditex”, 2013). Their marketing approach has helped them become extremely successful in terms of providing the customer with. International marketing strategies and its efficiency assists in the expansion of Zara. Cultural understanding is virtuously
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An interesting fact is their supply chain for the majority of their product is located close to their distribution centers. Their distribution centers are located in Spain and the designer ware is produced in Morocco, Portugal, and Turkey (“Case 3-4. Continued Growth for Zara and Inditex,” 2013). This ensures that new designs are produced and shipped quickly to their stores. This plan is reasonably different from their competition.
An additional method Zara utilizes to ensure the right product is produced is to constantly monitoring the sells at every store in real time through the use of computers. Sells managers are the individuals that play out this strategy. When the clothing sells well or does not sell well, they can quickly let the designers know to swiftly create new designs (“Case 3-4. Continued Growth for Zara and Inditex”, 2013). However, the competition is changing their strategies in an attempt to successfully compete with Zara. The methods that Zara has implemented to ensure fast fashion is truly fast has pressured the competition into reducing their lead times on stocking their stores (Hayes & Jones, 2006).
Major characteristics of fast fashion
For an organization to beat the competition, they need to understand what the consumer wants. Marketing concepts are based upon consideration on what the organization’s customers need and nourishing these needs better than the

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