Fast Food : An Alternative Food Source

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Fast Food By max Cornett Fast food is an alternative food source for many people around the world who have little time or money for a homemade meal or for a meal cooked at a restaurant. However fast food can also cause many problems with our bodies if it is consumed to often or in very large quantities. The fast food epidemic has caused increasing amounts of people being labeled as overweight and obese. “As many as 30 percent of American adults or 60 million are either overweight or obese. Most alarming to health officials is the fact that 9 million of these obese adults are severely obese” (Loonin). Obesity can be caused by many factors, some people have slower metabolism, some people just eat too much food, and some people don 't exercise enough. “Let’s think back to the pioneer days. People had to plant their crops, tend to their animals and cook foods from scratch. There were no box mixes or pre-made items. Meals had to be planned ahead every day. People really had to work for their food Coincidentally, the obesity rates were much less years ago.” (Muntel). Because we don’t have to work for our food it is much easier to take it for granted and eat too much. The most work that we have to do would be to turn on the oven and throw the mac and cheese into it for an hour or tell the cashier how many burgers you want to eat. In our society today the ability to do

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