Fast Food And Childhood Obesity

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“Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic, affecting children across the world. In our

country alone, 17% of all children and adolescents are now obese, triple the rate from

just a generation ago” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2011). This

drastic increase leads researchers and ordinary citizens alike to speculate about

possible causes. Fast food consumption is one potential cause that has received

widespread attention. Many researchers have looked at the relationship between fast

food and childhood obesity from different angles. Some of these include the influence of

family, the media, the proximity of fast food restaurants to schools and homes, and the

nutritional impact. Examining the interconnection of these angles can lead to a better

understanding of the relationship between childhood obesity and fast food, and from this

multi-angle viewpoint, we can see that no single aspect is solely to blame.


It is no secret that children learn their first eating habits from home. For the parents who

are often being tugged in many different directions, having an endless amount of

responsibilities and obligations, fast food can become an alternative to cooking at home.

Though it may be convenient for the parent, it may not be the healthiest for the child.

Even though fast food restaurants have kid-friendly options on the menu, the nutritional

value may not be the best. Parents may not realize it, but they have…
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