Fast Food And Humans.

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Suleman Rana Ms. J. Bowen English 1101 November 10, 2015 Fast food and humans. Nowadays, we are so busy that we don’t have time for anything, not even for ourselves. Whether it is travelling or food, we want it to be done quickly. Food is the basic need of every human; we need to eat at least twice a day. In this busy life we often neglect the necessary measures we should take before selecting what to eat. We always try to save time and get more quantity, neglecting the quality. The food we eat has a great impact on our health. Fast food is viewed as a quick way to get good food. It might taste good but the health risks outweigh the satisfactions it brings. Fast food does have its own perks but it’s never the right thing to eat. If you make fast food your favorite food, there are high chances of you getting a lot of diseases, becoming obese and wasting money. Life is beautiful unless you have a lot of diseases to cope with. Fast food can cause dangerous diseases like diabetes and cancer. Diabetes is a curable disease but it is not that simple to cure. It effects our body organs, decreasing their functioning capabilities. The fast food we eat contains elements such as processed meat, grains and sugar, the latter often causing diabetes. The sodas we use as a replacement of water are totally unhealthy with a lot of sugar in it. Cancer is a very dangerous disease that can lead to death. Most of the junk
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