Fast Food And Its Repercussions Essay

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Unit 8 Assignment: Fast Food and its repercussions Esteban Diaz Kaplan University Fast foods and its repercussions The social experiment in fast food gastronomy from Director Morgan Spurlock leaves him substituting his diet only with foods from McDonald’s fast food restaurants for a whole month. During his experiment, his energy drops substantially, his weight sky rockets and he goes through all kinds of unexpected and scary side effects. He also studies the corporate’s immense growing role I the lives of the American consumers and investigates the company’s practices of propaganda on young people and its endowment to Americas obesity outbreak as well as heart diseases and diabetes. All American fast food restaurant should have all its foods ingredients disclosed for the costumers to see at the time of ordering as well as on the tables and web sites in details that way they have full disclosure on what they are consuming and its health repercussions. The importance of diet in disease has been studied in the "China Project", a study conducted in rural areas of China and the most industrialized area, comparing the dietary habits, lifestyle and disease in both areas. This arose because the Chinese population in developed areas was observed that they had changed their traditions because lifestyle of the area where they lived. They have commented previously food-related diseases, and calls attention to the fact that they are associated with developed
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