Fast Food And Obesity In The United States

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Fast Food and Obesity

80.7% of obesity is caused by fast food, and that only, due to calories, and other fats, and harmful chemicals. Obesity is closely linked with fast food; and fast food is a large portion of America’s diet, and this shapes the views of Americans through other countries’ eyes. In America, 33.8% of the American population is obese, and 19% of American children are obese. Since the 1970s, fast food restaurants doubled, resulting in 300,000 restaurants today; averaged to 6,000 per state. The link between Fast Food and obesity, includes one kids meal from an establishment now, easily being an adult meal, or even more. A meal today could be 1,500 calories, which is the recommended calorie intake for one day.

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fast food choices depend on several factors that include; behavioral, cultural, environmental, and socially economical influences. These choices affect energy intake, resulting in obesity.

“Studies have shown that over the past four decades (40 years), the consumption of fast food eaten away from home has risen alarmingly.” says . This statement is explaining that the food eaten away from home, or fast food, has been increasing at an alarming rate, since 1975. The large portions that are sold in these establishments now are 3 times the size that they were in the 1970s, and that is just for a child size, increasing the intake of harmful chemicals, fat, cholesterol, sugar, and calories; again, resulting in obesity.

Since the United States is the county ranking number one for the most establishments, and a high percentage of obesity, being at 33.8%, it is looked at by other countries (opinion-wise) as the fattest country, and the most unhealthy; and is sometimes looked down upon. To shape this opinion, the United States biggest health threat in the current day is of course, obesity. Even though it is considered the most fattening county, it is actually not; being ranked #14 on the most obese
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In the United States, Canada, and Ireland, obesity, along with the consumption of Fast Food and the the number of Fast Food restaurants, are still increasing, causing a continuous circle of fast food and obesity. “The main reason that we are all getting fatter - all of us - is simply because we are surrounded by tasty temptations that cost very little, from Fast Food menus, to processed snack foods.” This excerpt from an NBC writer is explaining that the reason that Fast Food is getting us fatter, and urging us to buy it is because it is cheap, fast to get, and is able to be gotten at any time. The more we eat, the fatter we get, and the more tempting it is to buy, and eat, and this cycle keeps continuing, and going on, and on.
Because fast food is cheap, and easy to obtain, in the 1920s, Americans spent ¼ of their average income on food to support their family; and now in current time, Americans only spend 1/10 of their income, or
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