Fast Food And Obesity

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It was a simpler time for people in the 1970’s, going home to a home cooked meal after a long day at work or at school, to spend quality family time at dinner, bonding and enjoying a healthy meal that was cooked by mom, but that's not the case anymore in the 2000’s. The generation today has forgotten about healthy home cooked meals and turned to fast food restaurants for a cheap and greasy meal. With fast food restaurants becoming popular now people don’t bother to check how many calories and fat are in the food being consumed there. People expect that a healthy meal at home is the same as a fast food meal, but the difference is how much calories, sodium and fat there is in the food. Continuing to eat the unhealthy foods at fast food restaurants can lead to an obesity epidemic and obesity related diseases. Fast food restaurants are continuing to be in a high demand and soon hospitals will be too, because of all the obesity related diseases. If obesity does not stop soon it will affect the future generations too. The solution to preventing obesity and obesity related diseases from happening to future generation is for the generation of 18-26 year olds to become educated about what goes into their body and how it affects it and the media for all the entertainment people watch on the couch instead of going outside to walk the calories off. The future for Americans body changed drastically in the 1970’s when home cooked meals started to be less and less common. It all first

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