Fast Food And The Kingdom Of The Fast Foods Industry

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“America,” it is the one of the greatest nation in the world, and it is also known as the cradle and the kingdom of the fast food industry. Since White Castle, which was known as the first fast food chain in the United States, was established by Walter Anderson and Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram in 1921 (Kieler), other fast food chains also emerged such as McDonalds, Taco bell, Burger King, or Wendy’s after 1941 (Wilson). Among those various fast food chains, especially, McDonalds became the biggest fast food chain not only in the overall America but also all around the world (Wilson). Nowadays, fast food is serving 50,000,000 people in the United States (“Statistic Brain”). Fast food has become kind of daily food in America. However,…show more content…
In the modern age, most people are so busy that they cannot even spend their time for eating or sleeping (Hamrick). As time goes on, people want something fast, convenient and comfortable. This situation definitely is the main background of the emergence of fast food industry. In order to satisfy modern people’s desire, fast food industry could emerge (Hamrick). One of the main advantages of fast food is making food so quickly so that modern people, who are so busy, can easily save their time, and they don’t have to waste time to cook. Most fast food chains also have drive-thru, so that people can easily order their food in their cars, and they don’t even need to get out of their cars to purchase. When compared to other traditional restaurants, people can realize that they save their time more than an hour from ordering to finishing their meals (Editorial Staff). This benefit is definitely the main reason why people want to buy fast food (“The Role of Time in Fast-Food Purchasing Behavior in the United States”). And this time that saved by fast food can be useful for people to spend their time effectively and efficiently. According to the survey in Office Team, half of workers in the United States have only 30 minutes for a lunch break (Park). It means that many workers cannot afford their time to eat in traditional restaurants. Thus, fast food helps them to buy and to eat a food during their short
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