Fast Food And The Meatpacking Industry

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Fast Food Nation
Many people believe that the first fast food restaurant was a McDonald’s, but contrary to popular belief, the history of fast food did not begin at the same time as the history of McDonald’s. According to Katie Colburn’s article “The History of Fast Food in America,” the name and location of the first fast food restaurant is lost to history. There is some evidence, however that it began in Ancient Rome. The Urban living in Rome included multi-storied apartment buildings that has little to no cooking area. Therefore, such things like “street vendors and walk-up restaurants fed large segments of the populace” (Colburn). In this situation, fast food seems very harmless and convenient, but as I have learned over the semester so
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The meatpacking industry is considered one of the most dangerous job in America. This industry feeds directly into the fast food industry. So by purchasing fast food, are we supporting these businesses? This is a question that I have struggle with since we discussed it in class. I am completely against the awful treatment of these factory workers, but I do purchase fast food. Now that I am aware of it I am more mindful of where my food comes from and what someone had to go through for me to get it. But I do continue to buy into it. Because I am somewhat aware of the labor conditions, does that make me blameworthy? I mean I am not trying to change anything. I simply purchase my sandwich and fries and go about my day. I do believe that I am blameworthy. I am one of those millions of people who continue to allow the fast food industry to grow. I do however think there should be change. Although the factory labor conditions are absolutely terrible, these factories do employ thousands of people a year. Instead of blaming those who purchase fast food for injuring many many people every year. I believe that we should change the conditions. People shouldn’t have to feel guilty of hurting other people if they want to go to McDonald’s every now and then. These machines that are mass producing these products are ones that do not need to be working as quickly. Yes, quick is efficient, but it is not always effective. I believe instead, that we should make them slower and safer. Of course accidents will happen, but there should not be this
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