Fast Food Based American Diet

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In contrast to the fast-food based American diet, the French spend large amounts of time advancing their world famous cooking. To the French cooking is a form of art which is vital to their culture, and the French 's dedication to cooking has made it a high standard in the world. The traditions that have been developed over the centuries have added to the making of French cuisine into a skilled and refined art. The French are responsible for the historic tradition of serving dishes in separate courses. The French call it service a la ruses. The root of Frances extraordinary cooking is in their culture. Eating well is extremely important to the French people all of which enjoy spending their time thinking about, discussing, and eating…show more content…
When people think of French gastronomy wine is an essential component of her culture. While it remains a one of many licit joys the French indulge in, this gluttony is an important image and offering to tourist. Although parts of France greatly rely on the production and manufacturing of wine more than the actual consumption, they still rather enjoy their wine. Oenology in itself is a very interesting study and takes the appreciation of the drink to a whole new level. French wine is much like the French themselves its well-dressed, elegant, never overpowering, and well behaved. Even on the topic of Oenology the variety and quality that France provides is incredible. Two well-known regions, Rhône and Bordeaux, produce the some famous wine names such as Côtes-du-Rhône and Château d 'Yquem. The Côtes-du-Rhône is more earthy and tends to be described as rustic while Château d’Yquem is a sweeter or dry wine, and also holds the record for most expensive wine bought at 117,000$. Avoiding great detail it’s easy to say that the difference starts in the soil that makes the grapes. In a way the wine can be seen as a model for modern production and food by promoting quality and variety, in other words, an optimistic point of view for French food. France is always advancing in food and wine production therefore it is a fair assumption that they will continue to grow together. A word that has been a common mention
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