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Fast Food Case Study

Burger King and McDonalds’ are two different fast food restaurants that both serve hamburger and fries, in a fast and friendly environment that is affordable. McDonalds, serves the notorious quarter pounder, while Burger Kings claim to fame is the charbroiled Whopper, both of which will be compared. The customer expectations, process of production, and the effectiveness are the factors in which separate these two, and recommendations after the case study will be prepared.
The process in which the meals are produced between McDonalds and Burger King are relatively the same. Food arrives and is frozen until it is ready to hit the assembly line, then batches of food are made and stored in various ways until they are
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In store orders are taken different at both restaurants. At McDonalds when a customer orders that same employee puts together the food, drink and delivers the food to the customers while they wait at the register. At Burger King a customer orders their food at one register is given a receipt and moves down.
The French fries are prepared equally at both restaurants; both heated and salted and kept under a heat lamp until scooped into their individual containers; however, the drinks and their delivery differ. At McDonalds the drinks are typically initially filled and placed on the mat awaiting the arrival of the remaining portion of the customer’s food. Burger King hands back a cup with the numbered receipt. The customers can then occupy their weight time with the process of choosing and filling their cups. McDonalds, when busy, will slack on the drink delivery and give the customer the desired number of cups while their food is being prepared.
Although the customer being first is McDonald’s typical process, I have noticed a trend when the restaurant is busy. McDonalds will take on Burger King’s self-serve approach and annotate customers’ names so that they can be called when their order is ready. This expedites service and allows more customers to be served efficiently. The effectiveness of Burger Kings approach allows several orders to be taken at one time by numerous cashiers, and several meals to be specially made and delivered. McDonald’s one-on-one customer
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