Fast Food Chains And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Competitive Indicators There are many fast food chains operating around the world today. They are operating in the same competitive environment. Fast food chains have been competing with each other since the 1950s. Competitors in the fast food industry compete with each other on key attributes like price, service quality, access, product selection, innovation and customer satisfaction. Fast food chains around the world frequently engage in price wars. They lower their prices in order to gain more market share. Fast food chains change their menu in order to appeal to different target markets. Fast food chains use aggressive advertising in order to attract new customers. Fast food chains fight for market share and work to increase the service quality and customer satisfaction. In regards to service quality, it is a very important part of customer satisfaction. High levels of customer satisfaction may lead to the retention of customers and it also creates positive word of mouth for fast food chains. Research has shown that customer satisfaction is a very important indicator of customer purchase behaviour. The fast food industry works hard to keep their existent customers and to attract new customers by providing high service quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, in the saturated fast food industry, service quality has become the key of survival for fast food chains. However, the service quality attributes that influence customer satisfaction in the fast food industry not
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