Fast Food Contain Harmful Food Additives

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Name: Bibi He
Professor: Mr. Cloarec
Date: 11/11/2012
Fast Food Contain Harmful Food Additives
In America, fast food chains are a significant symbol of the American traditional food trends which expand widely and grow fast all over the world. Thus, a large number of Americans eat fast food as their daily diet. However, these tasty fast foods are highly processed foods which are filled with plenty of chemicals, additives and preservatives. By adding these additives and artificial flavorings into fast foods, so the food is attractive and also tasty. Fast food companies, like McDonald, attract customers’ attention by using various advertisements to make their products look good and also selling these delicious foods at low prices.
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Second, “the most alarming ingredient in a Chicken McNugget is TBHQ, which is an anti-oxidant derived from petroleum that is either sprayed directly on the nugget for keeping its shelf time longer.” (Pollan P113) Moreover, TBHQ helps the food to “maintain its freshness, minimize nutritional losses in edible oils, and preserve the present color of iron and metal complexes”. (Shree Additives) Obviously, the effective functions of TBHQ makes fast food industry often use this artificial additive in thousand food products. Chicken McNuggets are just one of the fast foods that contain TBHQ. The result from consuming processing foods with TBHQ can lightly cause "nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse." (Pollan P114) It can even lead to death if you ingest too much fast food with TBHQ.
Last but not least, McNuggets also contain bleaching wheat flour which is one of the ingredients often used in McNugget and other productions. As we know, flour is used to improve the gluten baking quality. The food industry adds flour bleaching agent in order to make the product appear whiter and fresher. Also, the function of this agent is to maintain the foods’ stability, food color and improve the structure forming capacity, allowing the product produce higher proportions of gluten and sugar. (Flour Bleaching Agent) During the bleaching processing, most nutrients are
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