Fast Food Corporations Are To Blame For Children

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Fast food corporations are to blame for obesity with in children and adults. Fast food corporations influence customers to come back to their restaurants knowing the food causes obesity. Fast food companies place their restaurant’s near schools so students can go there during their lunch or after school. Fast food corporations add delicious artificial flavoring in the food to make people want to return which causes obesity. Advertising is everywhere for almost everything. Fast food companies advertise food that causes obesity. Fast food companies make their products seem enjoyable and appealing to the eye. ““A child who loves our TV commercials,” Kroc later explained, “and brings her grandparents to a McDonalds gives us two more customers.”” (Schlosser&Wilson-P.45) This means that children convince their parents to take them to McDonalds. This might influence their grandparents to go as well which is more money for the fast food company. The more a person sees a commercial for a fast food product they are more likely to go. Over time the fast food will cause obesity. “Sam realized that he’d gained a lot of wright over the past year….Sam began to eat fast food three or four times a week.”(Schlosser&Wilson-P202-203) The toys encourage children that going to fast food…show more content…
By doing this they have taken away children’s chances of being healthy in the long run because no child is going to want to eat a home packed lunch compared to a pizza from Pizza Hut or a burger from Burger King. “And as soon as fourth period ended, kids would leave campus for their Big Macs, McNuggets, and McFlurries.” (Schlosser&Wilson-P.204) This proves kids leave school to get fast food not to sit outside with friends and munch on a home meal. The fast food companies strategic thinking of restaurant placement is influencer to teens that’s hormones are out of
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