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What are the Pros and Cons of Junk Food? Junk food industry is taking off these days, which incites both young and old. There are various pros and cons of junk food. Junk food such as fries and pizzas are tantalizing for everyone. Junk foods are filled with calories and fats without nutritional values. One benefit of fast food is that you can walk in, order and eat. For the modern youth, vegetables and fruits are not that appealing as compared to junk food such as pizzas and fries. Junk foods are delectable and give more salt and calories to your body. Whenever you have a craving for fast food, you can easily get it anywhere and even in your home. Junk food is also not very expensive. Hence price, distance and speed don’t matter.…show more content…
Con: * it 's pretty catchy... it 's tasty, it 's good, it solves the hunger problem and it becomes the solution for every day lunch. High-fat, high-sugar foods are widely available, taste good and cost less than healthier foods * the sizes keep increasing, making us more and more dependent on this type of food; in addition, because it is tasty, you 'll try to eat the entire "super-size" meal, even if your body doesn 't need that much * the beautiful pictures with perfect burgers, pizzas or kebabs are so perfect only in magazines and promos * the biggest problem of fast food is that it 's very easy to find and very accesible for kids; during childhood, they need healthy food, water or natural juice, not soda and activity. In these days, the extensive use of fast food is making children have weight problems, which involve "secondary reactions"

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