Fast Food Global Companies: MacDonalds

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McDonalds's is one of the most powerful, influential, and well-known global companies. In the late 1940’s, Dick and Mac McDonalds were searching for a way to improve their little drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California. They invented an entirely new concept based upon speed service (fast food) and low prices. McDonald’s is now the largest and best-known foodservice and one of the best-known and powerful brands in the market. McDonald’s is a globally known fast food company that aims particularly to young audience hence all their commercials are mainly about happy meals with toys for children. The impact of television advertising for children, especially for food companies, have impacted them emotionally, and affected their health and dietary habits. This has been a concern for three reasons: children watch too many hours of television, commercials are continuously repeated, and children lack to distinguish commercials from program content. Advertising on television and on the internet are the most effective ways to reach the directed audience for food companies. Market researchers have found that package design, typefaces, pictures, and content are most likely to catch the attention of the children audience (Collins 31). Food companies view school children as an exceptional marketing economy. Food companies mainly put their logos on items children often use such as, toys, games, clothing, and school supplies. Advertising on television and on the internet
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