Fast Food Has Been Around Since Before 1950 And Has Only

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Fast food has been around since before 1950 and has only grown in popularity since. One of the first and now most popular fast food restaurant is McDonalds. Opened by the McDonald brothers in 1948 as a small restaurant chain in California was soon transformed by Ray Kroc into the corporation many Americans know today as McDonald 's. After the opening and growth of McDonald 's, many other restaurants began to follow the same system as them. This resulted in Wendy 's, Burger King, the growth of White Castle, and many other very popular fast food establishments all over the United States. Fast food chains easy access to fast, good, and easy food has fueled the growth in these places and the negative health results that come from them. Since…show more content…
The process of creating trans fat originated from the 1890s in France when chemist Paul Sabatier discovered that metal catalysts could precipitate hydrogenic reactions. This led to German chemist Wilhelm Normanns’ 1901 experimentation with hydrogenation catalysts that successfully led to the hydrogenation of liquid fat which produced semi solid fat that is now known as trans-fat. This process was adopted by many food manufacturers because of its ability to stabilize the shelf life of products it is in. With the production and use of trans fat comes some serious health risks. In the 1950s it was found that there is a clear connection between the intake of saturated fats and heart disease. After this was found there was some opposing studies that proved fats were healthy. By the 1980s it was established that a high intake of saturated fat led to a higher risk for heart problems. Because of this trans fats were used to replace saturated fats, but it was later found that trans fat held a higher risk for heart problems than saturated fats did (“Trans Fat”). Once people discovered this, a demand for healthy alternatives began and is still prevalent today.
Some fast food chains have begun to switch some of their ingredients to be healthier and please more customers. A few that have already changed to 100% fresh beef are Wendy’s, Five Guys, Smashburger, Whataburger, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, Culver’s, and recently joining them is
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