Fast Food : Healthy Or Not

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Uyen Mai English 1A Professor Jennifer McGuire June 29 2016 Fast Food: Healthy or Not Nowadays, with developing of society, people seem to be not having time to care about meals. There are many kinds of foods for their choices. Fast food becomes a popular choice, and helps them solve their time issues. Eating fast food becomes a favorite habit that most people who are young and teenager really enjoy to taste. McDonald, Popeye, Burger King, and KFC are the most brand names in the world. I like fast food, especially KFC because it is cheap, delicious, and convenient for saving time. According to Wikipedia, fast food restaurant was known as a quick service restaurant within the industry, and the first fast food restaurant was founded in the United States with A&W in 1919 and White Castle in 1921 (“ Fast Food Restaurant”). Nowadays, KFC and McDonald are the best fast food chains which almost multinational companies with many places around the world. It is so easy to find fast food chains spreading everywhere. Obviously, people give fast food a love because of some reason such as: saving time, cheap, and convenient. In contrast, Fast food also contains some disadvantages which will lead to diseases such as: heart attacks, obesity, and getting harmful chemicals to health. We will consider both sides some benefits and disadvantages of fast food. The first reason why people like to eat fast food is that it can help people saving the time. The time is so important because we can use
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