Fast Food Industry Australia

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Strategic analysis and Strategic Analysis tools

Name : Eduardo Christian Rodriguez Munoz – 30118825 Subject : Competitive Analysis
Course Code : BUMKT5922
Lecturer : Sally-Anne Leigh

Due : 8 June 2014
Word limit : 2271


SUMMARY CONTENS 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 4 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMET ANALYSIS 5 Fast Food industry analysis 5 PESTLE analysis 5 Political and Legal 5 Economical 6 Social 6 Technological 7 Environmental 8 Porter’s Five Forces Framework 8 Threats of new entrants 8 Bargaining Power of Buyers 9 Bargaining power of suppliers 9 Threat of Substitutes 9 Intensity of Rivalry among competitors 10
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Fast Food industry analysis

In Australia exist several restaurants which give to the costumer fast food, as Mc Donald, KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Subway. All of them offer to the costumer fast food, but Subway offer something different as such healthy food.
The lifestyles of Australian changed strongly over the last 20 years, this due to there are more women working and even people which are working more hours. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006). By needs of Australians, currently food and also mealtimes have changed dramatically and the industry of fast food has been really quick to make easy solutions for the needs of cheap, satisfaction and convenient.

PESTLE analysis

In the fast food industry are external aspects that can influences to the fast food industry, such as manager’s influence as creation of strategies to be a good competitor and to be successful in the industry of fast food. Competitive environment is a critical ingredient of a successful strategy (Grant, 2010). The following PESTLE Analysis is done with the objective to analyse the macro environmental in the fast food industry.

Political and Legal

* All restaurants in Australia have to follow the rules about food in Australia. The safety standards of food are giving to the business of food in Australia the
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