Fast Food Industry By Eric Schlosser

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1. Eric Schlosser chose the topic of fast food industry because he became quite inspired after reading an article about illegal immigrants in a strawberry field and how they a suffered in the process. The article was based on an investigation that was placed on the fields while they worked. It was also based on the immense impact that this industry had on society. Schlosser wanted to as said in his book “shed light” to the world on how successful hard working industry works. Also the way American industries portray and work in the diligent industry throughout the years . Since the fast food restaurants are known as one of the most active businesses which makes them a perfect example of what he was trying to convey.

2. “The Jungle’s” effect on both Theodore Roosevelt and the meatpacking industry due to the fact that it was concentrated on the lives of immigrants which was very impactful at the time. Many of which were going through unsanitary conditions as well as health violations . It also portrayed the lack of social help in which no one was doing anything to help those workers. Fast Food Nation hasn 't impacted as much because of how enormously Fast Food is a part of the world.As said in the book purchasing fast food has been a part of life that is almost 1st nature to Americans and those who expirience fast food daily , Because of this reforming fast food companies would be extremly difficult to do.

3. The Mcdonalds corporation is one of the
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