Fast Food Industry Research Proposal

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Research Proposal (Fast Food Industry) To study the attitude towards consumption of healthy food within the fast food industry Background We are a marketing research team of a fast food chain store. With increasing awareness about healthy food among the masses and with consumer preferences changing towards healthy food, we intend to launch a health food segment to cater to this need of the customers. We are also concerned about the pricing of the product that whether it should be priced same as that of normal fast food or the customers would be willing to pay a premium for healthy food. But before launching that product we want to know that “Is it worth it to our fast food restaurant to market healthy food”. To answer this management…show more content…
Question: Do customer think healthy food is costs same as normal fast food? H2: Customers perceive healthy food costs same as normal fast food. Question: Is there any impact of nutritional value of fast foods on consumer purchase decision? H3: Nutritional value of fast foods has no impact on consumer purchase decision. Research Design Qualitative Research Purpose Because of the exploratory nature of some of the aspects of the objectives, we need to have detailed qualitative information. The qualitative research will probe the following: * the consumption frequencies, the categories of product consumed and the main reasons to use these products * At what time and at what places do they prefer to go, * What is the driving force behind their preference, e.g. taste, spiciness, ease, price, time factor etc. * Most popular fast food * Whether they would prefer to pay more for healthy food * What factors influence the customers to eat healthy food Population and sampling Samples for the study will consist of youth segment (indicated as consumer in this study) in the age group of 20 to 27 years. Convenience samples are drawn from West Delhi region among the college students. We propose to conduct 4 focus groups with the following profiles: Group 1&2: Dwarka Region Group 3&4: Janak Puri Quantitative Research We propose to conduct a study using questionnaire within the
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