Fast Food Industry in Singapore

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Work and Employment Relations in the Fast Food Industry

The fast food industry is expanding globally over the years despite of downturns in national economies. Due to the rapid growth and success of the service, issues such as workers’ right, pay levels and conditions of work are often questioned. While fast food industries has expanded globally and become multinational corporations (MNCs),to what extent they are able to impose common employment practices on diverse national systems of labor legislations?(Royle, Towers 2002) This essay shall discuss about the similarities and differences between work and employment relations in the fast food industries. The country that will be discussed is Singapore, Germany and the United States. The
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Trade unions are indeed important for Germans in order to protect their rights , moreover, why they do not need to endure with the poor working conditions and low pay just because they aren’t any job available for them in the country? A lot of benefits are provided to the crews in McDonald’s Singapore, they are entitled with annual pay bonuses, in-house medical benefits and their starting salaries are slightly higher than the ‘market rate’. They are provided with air-conditioned working environment and meals are provided by the restaurant.

McDonald’s are able to carry out its own HRM programme in Singapore fostering corporate values and discouraging employee resistance and avoiding imposition of collective negotiations and bargaining because the worker has right to either join a trade union or not.(Pereira ,2002). The ‘Recruitment and Retention’ and the implementation of the company’s disciplinary system for instance is a very successful HRM programme. McAunties and McUncles started when McDonald’s recruit retirees or housewives that are unwilling to commit in a full-time job yet wanting to fully utilize their time. Since then, alterations are made to the employment relations. All these older crews are able to choose their

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