Fast Food Is A Global Phenomenon

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Healthy nutritious foods have been replaced by the new food mantra-JUNK food. In the context of world economy, Junk food is a global phenomenon. The availability of junk food and snacks at low prices and marketing strategies adapted by manufacturers of such as foods has triggered an evolution. The fast food has been growing constantly during the past few years. The popularity of fast food is rapidly among many people to the following three main reasons: good taste, convenient time, and price. It appears that fast food has changed into a standard matter of life by Smith Andrew (1946). Whether it is because of the fixings, i.e. trans-fats or the negative wellbeing effect e.g, diabetes or being identified with fitness, it is indeed fast food that overwhelms s singular’s life. Fast food results in a bigger number of calories than the coveted level which typically brings about additional weight increase. Natural variables like eating fast food frequently could build the undesired danger of fitness are illnesses, genetics and medications. Fast food is normally high in calories which results in eating too much calories. It can lead to extra weight gain and ultimately. Examination has uncovered that individuals having propensity for eating fast food more calories as contrasted and individuals who are not chronic of eating fast food. Individuals eating fast food, more often than not , additionally fat, sodium and immersed fat, while expending less organic products, milk and

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