Fast Food Is A Type Of Meal

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Fast food is a type of meal that is usually prepared and served very fast. The term first fast food was used for the first time in the 1950s in United States. Although any food that is prepared slowly can be called a fast food, this term is mostly used to describe food that is sold in restaurants or food stores that had precooking ingredients. Such as ingredients are usually prepared, packaged, and sold to customers as “take-away” products. Fast food outlets can include food booth or stands that do not have any shelter or seating spaces. Also, They can include fast food restaurants that have shelters, seating spaces and services offered through drive-through (Mushtaq 2). The fast food industry, which started as a business with few fast…show more content…
According to The Heart Links Project (1), popular terms such as Burger King as well as the Big Mac burgers has become the most popular terms for defining foods in typical contemporary society diet. One of the most attractive characteristics of fast food is that it make eating more convenient as food can easily to get and eaten within a short period of time. This is because people do not need to travel for long distances to find fast food outlets as they can easily be found at any location within the market place, which makes it convenient to obtain a meal. The availability of fast food outlets has led to reduced fast food prices as individuals end up spending a small amount of money to get different types of fast food products. This is different from the traditional food preparation process, which take a lot of time, energy and resources to prepare a meal. Similarly, consumers, particularly students and working individuals do not have enough time to prepare food at home, which explains why they choose to go for fast food (Brindal 7). Despite these attractive characteristics, rapid availability of fast food is increasingly being linked to a major decline in healthy food choices. With millions of low-income populations relying on many several types of fast foods that are readily available in the neighborhoods, people have increasingly lacked
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