Fast Food Is Convenient But It Has High Calorie

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Since many international students came to Eugene, one of the most intuitive feelings is that there are more obese individuals than in China. They walk slowly and breathe heavily. After staying in the United States for several years later, many Chinese students state that they are getting fat a little bit comparing their figures before going aboard, especially their bellies. Fast food is convenient but it has high-calorie. For example: people need to take at least two hours aerobic exercises after getting one burger. Then, many students stay up late with studying or playing online games. They tend to be hungry at night, and taking some foods. According to a research, China has become the world 's second-most obese country, after the number of obesity in the United States. Numerous non-government organizations reported that there is an inevitable trend that increasing number of people from whole over the world, are now facing with obesity problem. Also, it has already proved that many diseases could be associated with one’s overweight. According to Sabrina, “The global diabetes rate has risen by nearly half over the past two decades, according to a new study, as obesity and the health problems it spawns have taken hold across the developing world” (Tavernise, 2015). Doctors have found that the blood lipid level in an overweight person is usually out of the normal range, which might contribute to high risks of liver disease, heart attack and so on. Considering the severity of

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