Fast Food Is Not The Blame For Obesity

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Fast-Food is not to Blame for Obesity This paper will explore many aspects of fast food. This Research report is going to address multiple misleading issues concerning fast-food. While researching various journal and internet articles contained health information of fast-food, calories counting, this report will also explore all the misleading arguments about fast food. One argument against this is that fast food firms are misleading consumers, making them believe they are eating something or healthy-esque when they are not. Majority of fast food industry have list of nutritional facts. The next argument is that fast food, like cigarettes is addicting. It claimed that individuals can become addicted to smoking cigarettes. Though, it is true but it’s also true that any individuals can become addicted to anything. Should we blame fast food on Obesity in America? When is an individual responsible and is it appropriate to place the blame. Whether there should be restrictions on fast food. This research go into detail as why the fast food should be blameless to America’s health. Also what other issues we should focus on to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fast-Food is not to Blame for Obesity

Fast food is convenient and a popular part of American culture. There is an increasing movement today to compare America’s fast food companies to the cigarette industry. Yes, it’s true that they both sell products which have the potential to endanger one’s health if used. Smoking a…
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