Fast Food Is Right Or Not?

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Why is it that we do not feel guilty after we finish eating a large combo from our local fast-food restaurant? How can someone possibly feel guilty after enjoying a great meal? This is the country that America is shifting into, where we set aside homemade meals for fast-food due to its ease and convenience for the whole family. Rather than being renowned for their strong military forces, America has been continually portrayed as the most obese country in the world. It sounds simple for Americans to put aside fast food, but the problem in America is that anyone with a small radius can find an alluring fast-food restaurant to eat at. Author, Michael Pollan, points out that, “Three of every five Americans are overweight; one of every five…show more content…
Showing the transition that America is going into. The problem has become so crucial that nearly 3 in 5 Americans are bound to obese. If people really knew what they were consuming and not just to eat because of hunger. But pay attention to the details it would make a bigger difference. Pollan introduces “Fast Food”, which is nearly connected to corn. Most people do not understand that most of their food consists of corn; even with its vegetable status, people do not know what it is concentrated to. The Corn industry is big and known for the concertation of high-fructose corn syrup. (HFCS) Most Americans do not have an idea of what that is. Pollan writes, “To wash down your chicken nuggets with virtually any soft drink in the supermarket is to have some corn with your corn” (Pollan 19), which relates to the fact that every soft drink has HFCS yet also the simultaneous fact that the people that consume it are not aware of it. This is what Pollan is trying to get across in what people are consuming, but are not educated about the nutritional deficiencies in what they are eating. There have been, and will be arguments, about how much education is necessary, if not more, about teaching people what they should and shouldn’t eat. The United States Government believes they have done what is necessary to showcase the importance of healthy food choices. In my experience, I was introduced to the food pyramid at a very young age, but I was young and Unable to

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