Fast Food Is Synonymous With Bad Health

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Fast food is synonymous with bad health. Rarely can you find a fast food restaurant that doesn’t include hamburgers and french fries. Fast food corporations are constantly trying to find ways to innovate their approaches to draw in crowds, and most important of all, to rake in the cash. Most decisions in the corporate world are made because of money; For example, the rise in reboots in the movie industry can be attributed to the assumption that reboots of famous movie franchises are guaranteed money makers. Because of this, the fast food industry does not care about the health effects of its consumers. Occasionally, a restaurant will introduce healthier items to the menu in an effort to get health-conscious customers. For example, Domino’s Pizza recently introduced salads to their menu, so people who want pizza and people who want salad can compromise and still end up going to Domino’s. Even this marketing ploy is aimed at receiving an influx of cash. With obesity, heart disease, and cancer on the rise, it may be time to evaluate the fast food industry and wonder whether or not easily accessed, cheap food is worth the health risks. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in every three adults in the United States is obese (Center for Disease Control). Though many measures have been taken to increase the standard of the food we eat, it seems that health- related diseases have continued to rise. Additionally, diabetes has also increased dramatically. According to…

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