Fast Food Is The Reason For Obesity

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Fast food is the reason to blame for obesity. Food made and prepared in a matter of minutes should certainly raise some flags. ---- Roberto De Vogli states in “”globesization’: ecological evidence on the relationship between fast food outlets and obesity among 26 advanced economies” that “ the diffusion of ‘fast food restaurants’ resulting from rapid global market integration (Hawkes 2009) and trade liberalization policies (Thow and Hawkes 2009) seems to be one of the key contributing factors behind the sharp rise in obesity”(395-396). Getting greasy foods for dirt cheap and consuming they quickly can certainly cause harm. Whereas the fast food industry is good for the economy, one can prevent obesity by using healthy eating habits given that one can avoid it by not eating fast food.
Fast food plays a big part in today’s economy. Toby Parcel states in “One Firm, Two Labor Markets: The Case Of McDonalds in The Fast-Food Industry” that “ the role that this industry plays in our nation’s economy is substantial and is expected to increase through the remainder of this century as the shift of our economic base from an industrial to a service orientation nears completion”(30). Most of today’s jobs have moved towards a service based economy and “the service sector is now two-thirds of the U.S. economy and of the 2.3 million new jobs created between November 1982 and February 1984, 70% were added in the retail and fast-food Industries”(Parcel 30). So without the service sector…

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