Fast Food Nation By Wendell Berry 's The Pleasures Of Eating

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Schlosser’s ‘Fast Food Nation’ and Wendell Berry’s ‘The Pleasures of Eating’ have undeniably altered the manner in which I will forever view fast and processed foods. After reviewing the two readings, I am convinced that fast and processed food consumers are the victims of large franchises seeking to make a quick buck at the expense of the consumer’s health. Fast food and processed food consumers are ignorant of the quality of the food that they choose to purchase, solely depending on franchises for the information. Franchisees, on the other hand, choose to conceal this information as revealing it would spell huge losses. They manipulate and decorate food items so as to get consumers to purchase them, with no regard for the health implications they subject their consumers.
Fast and processed food consumers are passive victims of food industry franchises. Such consumers usually purchase these food items, without questioning the cost or the origin. None of us ever stop to think how fresh or hygienic the food is. Does the processing procedure decrease the nutritive value of the food? Were chemicals used in the growing of it and if so is the food then dangerous? Would the food item be cheaper if the advertising, transportation, and packaging costs were excluded? ("Pleasures of Eating - Wendell Berry | Center for Ecoliteracy"). Industry consumers have no inkling the conditions under which these foods were produced; no idea of the type of farms, techniques or impediments that the

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