Fast Food: National or Local

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Fast food restaurant chains are a popular and convenient choice for eating on the go in our modern society. There are certainly several positive aspects to fast food establishments, but are the potential health detriments and collective negative effects on society worth it? Or would it be better to support locally owned and operated restaurants? Here I will examine several facts pertaining to these restaurants, as well as explain why I personally believe we should not frequent these establishments, but rather support local restaurants. In the documentary film "Supersize Me" Morgan Spurlock eats every meal at a McDonalds for a month. He eats what an average person would eat and gets almost no physical activity – only…show more content…
Due to fears about mad cow disease McDonald's also told them to keep dead cows out of the cattle feed. They also convinced egg suppliers to give chickens a little more space because they could not even stand up. The space still isn't very much, they can at least stand up now but they still can't move around. Unfortunately, none of the fast food chains that have required these tougher standards for animal treatment have bothered to call for regulations to protect the workers (Schlosser 243). There are other seemingly redeeming deeds in the fast food industry. For instance, Pizza Hut has a program for earning "Personal Pan Pizzas" called "Book It!" which is designed as a reading incentive for children in Kindergarten through Sixth grade ( Many McDonalds and Burger King locations have play structures for children. Mcdonalds has 'Happy Meals', and Burger King has 'Kids Meals' both of which appeal to children with toys. While encouraging reading and offering places for children to play may seem good, these things are also intended to breed brand loyalty in children at an early age. Even the commercials are targeted at children, with original characters such as Ronald McDonald promoting McDonalds and a Burger King ad campaign involving the cartoon character Spongebob. As Ray Kroc once said: "A child who loves our TV commercials and brings her
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