Fast Food Ordering System

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Fast Food Online Ordering System Table of Contents Fast Food Online Ordering System
Online Ordering
Advantages of Online Ordering System
Online Ordering Interface
Database Design
Testing the System
Web Tier
Middle Tier
Data Tier
Recommendation and Conclusion

Introduction Time-saving products are increasing in demand due to the different changes in the environment and social behavior of individuals, particularly the issue of hectic schedule. One of the best examples is the growing demand and consumption of fast food (Jekanowski 1999). The study of Research International (2008) showed that more than 50% of the sample reported that they eat fast food once a
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199). Thus, it is considered as one of the most important factors in business-customer relationship. When Papa John’s invested in online ordering in 2001, most organizations looked upon the said marketing , together with the information technology (IT) management as foolish act or movement. The said assumptions were wrong because, as of now, the gamble paid off handsomely with the base of online ordering which is currently achieving 50% annual growth rate. It was forecasted to grow faster during this year. According to the company, online customers appreciate the convenience so much that 75% of them return to order via their system again, which consist of up to 20% of some locations’ orders. As a result, most of experts are singing their praises towards online ordering; as a result, most of people claim that it is the new wave in quick service (Yakubovich 2007). The reason behind the said success is that online ordering system enables customers to be connected with the company 24 hours a day, thus give them the real time status of their orders. Furthermore, it also enables a more visual contact, via the design of the website. Advantages of Online Ordering System Just like other impacts of the Internet in business, online ordering system has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, these factors must be considered in order to make sure that online ordering system will be effective and appropriate with an organization.

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