Fast Food Receives Mixed Emotions For Example, A Common

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Fast food receives mixed emotions for example, a common occurrence, a guilty pleasure, or taboo. In the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma the author Michael Pollan talks about fast food in the chapter “The Meal: Fast food”. Everyone has some sort of relationship with it one way or another. Pollan not only talks about fast food, but, dissects what is actually inside of fast food. However, before we can jump in on another diet trend or on anyone who is talking about what people should be eating, we need to examine the author as well because, there have been plenty before him trying to tell people what to eat and how much. Is he creditable? Are his sources creditable? Is this another person on a soapbox telling us how unhealthy fast food is for us?…show more content…
This is part of Pollan educating his audience about what is in their food when they drive through the drive through. Speaking of his audience, his main demographic is the people that are truly wondering what they are in truth eating when they eat out at fast food joints and to the people that are trying to make a health concision decision of what they should be eating. Meanwhile, he goes on saying that the effect of long term eating “cheap calories” that would eventually lead up to “obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease” (Pollan 117). Although he doesn’t directly tell people not to eat fast food he just leaves that to the reader to choose for themselves what to do, it’s just to inform people what to be expecting when they order and the effects of eating fast food too much. The author established his ethos when he stayed where and how he obtained his information. This shows that he is a capable author of finding and stating where his research comes from. Thus allows him to establish a connection to his audience, by showing that what he is saying is true and that he is a trustworthy author. In the meantime Pollan brought in different perspectives such as, telling his own experiences and having a scientist do research on the fast food. You can analyze the rhetorical appeals of ethos by looking at where the author acquires into his evidence and how he states it as well,
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