Fast Food Restaurants For The Obesity Epidemic

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Fast-food restaurants are very cheap and convenient way to get a quick meal and also in quick, convenient areas. Whether someone is in a hurry or just need something to eat, pulling through a drive through is very simple and a way to get food almost instantly. Obesity is a significant issue in the United States and having America plastered in fast-food chain restaurants does not help the fact, but we can not put them to blame. People need education on nutrition to learn what they need to eat and what they can enjoy in moderation. We also need many more healthy options in busy areas that also offer quick and simple meals at a reasonable price that give people the option to get a wholesome, nutritious meal. Many people want to blame fast…show more content…
Another study done showed results that with a fast-food restaurant within a quarter mile of a school, resulted in a 5.2 percent increase in the incidence of obesity at that school and implied an increased caloric intake of around 30 to 100 calories per day. Another study done on pregnant women in close proximity of a fast-food restaurant showed an increase in the likelihood of gaining 20 kilograms (Currie, Dellavigna, Moretti, Pathania 2009). While the effects from these studies done in 2009 are still applicable today, I cannot help but think how the effects would not be amplified in our current society. People have only gotten busier and locations have only increased since then. Consuming the high calorie food served by fast-food restaurants on a regular basis can obviously lead to weight gain and eventually obesity. Some complications are not as obvious and can take people by surprise. Most people probably do not think of the long-term effects that can result from making regular trips to drive-thrus or stops at fast-food restaurants. Some more obvious consequences of obesity is cardiovascular complications and diabetes, but there are many consequences that people may not realize. It can lead to respiratory disorders, such as asthma. It can also lead to a numerous amount of different types of
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