Fast Food Should Not Be Served For School Lunch Menu

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For the past 22 years, the public school system has been serving unhealthy foods to kids (Psyche Pascual).Schools are changing salad bars for ice cream bars and fruit for candy. Your body is not designed for harsh amounts of sodium, fat, and sugar. In the school system, kids should be allowed to only choose healthy alternatives. The community and parents need to change laws to promote healthy nutrition in schools. There are overwhelmingly too many obese children because of school lunch menu. Fast food should not be served in schools because it is not healthy, students cannot focus, and fast food has harmful chemicals.
For many years in America we have been eating foods containing fat, sugar, and salt. Ever since 1993 the Norwalk-La Mirada District High banned fast food during school hours, but students rebelled and wanted hamburger, pizza, and fries. (Psyche pascual) Due to the disgusting food at the school they agreed to have fast food. Norwalk high school was one of the first schools to start the trend of having fast food in schools. The cafeteria workers were later forced to work less hour and hated the decision. (Psyche pascual) People know that fast food is unhealthy, but they buy it because of its taste and price. Fast food is a quick way for people to eat foods that taste good. The food has many options and has big portions. Fast food would make students happy and enjoy what they eat. The food is cheap and everybody can afford it. Students will no longer…
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