Fast Food in America

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Fast Food in America People today have a need for speed. Everything has to be more convenient, and bigger. Humans are the super-sized rulers of the world, and people need it as fast as possible. This lifestyle has consequences; if one does not start taking charge, and fight these big corporations right now these mistakes will be too far reaching and irreversible. Because fast food is convenient, inexpensive, and is a cultural habit, people must stop eating it since it has increased health problems, has taken away from family values, and destroys the environment. People tend to blame fast food restaurants for being obese, when in fact it is making the poor decision to choose convenience over being healthy which has led to being obese. Also …show more content…
(Obesity in America 1) The same is for McDonalds and most other fast food restaurants. These fast food restaurants should be ashamed for making money at the expense of American’s health, even though its quick and easy, it could lead to critical health or death. In American society many foods are fatty, tasty, processed, refined and contains no nutrients; a substance detrimental to the body's functions, creating disease, and resulting in death. (Obesity in America 1) At no time in history have humans eaten such refined, processed and fatty food and never have humans had such an obesity epidemic. (Obesity in America 1) Since before anyone can remember, ones ancestors ate a diet coming directly from the land that the famers grew crops and raised cattle on. In those days obesity wasn't even a word. (Obesity in America 1) With modern technology, much has been gained, but some things have been lost. What was instinct for our ancestors must be taught to the children. Today, backwards as we may be in regards to our health, there is always hope. Out of necessity, many obese people suffering from various complications and diseases have learned to change their diet. (Obesity in America 1) Those people, with determination and a will to survive have succeeded in becoming healthy once again. One has learned that cutting out meat products, processed foods, fast-foods, high sugar and high sodium foods, while incorporating whole grains, vegetables, fruits into the diet is the
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