Fast Food is Killing Americans Essay

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America is one of the largest countries in the world, and the population is one of the largest also; but not in numbers, unless those numbers are on a scale and coincide with the amount of excess fat that is on the average American. In asking why Americans are so overweight, the fast food industry is not to blame entirely. Although Americans consume more fast food than any other nation and the mass of the population reflects this fact, no one is forcing anyone to eat fast food. Americans eat so much fast food because they are lazy, hurried, addicted, and financially downtrodden. Because of these lifestyles and misfortune, America has become overweight-- an epidemic for which there does not seem to be a cure. Americans have become…show more content…
Even despite electric shocks, they continued to eat until they became obese. When the researchers switched the obese rats’ diet to a healthy one, the rats refused to eat for almost two weeks. The rats that ate the fast food stopped responding to Leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger. As the rats became more obese, the amount of Leptin in their bodies indicated that the rats were on the brink of starvation; however, the rats continued to eat and become even more obese (Greviskes, 2013). Arby’s current slogan is “It’s Good Mood Food”. Most of all Arby’s food items contain high amounts of saturated fat, calories, and sugar (Arby’s, 2014). Sugar activates the human brain to release beta-endorphins, the same chemicals activated by heroin and morphine (Klapp, 2013). Saturated fat gives fast food a very palatable quality; sugar releases chemicals in the brain to create a feeling of euphoria, and this can create an addiction to food that is very unhealthy for anyone. Most all fast food has excess amounts of calories, so people are taking in many more calories than they are burning off. The more fast food they eat, they heavier they get, and the less mobile they tend to be; thus creating excess body fat. Besides being overly convenient to obtain, fast food is also quite inexpensive. In today’s economy, an average American cannot afford to sit down at a nice
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